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The international platform for future work practices!

Its objective is to share innovations and concrete solutions to reinvent working methods and spaces, particularly in international business districts, and with researchers and academics. 
It is a brand new way of mobilising a diverse group of top-level people, encouraging discussions about the work ecosystem: corporate players and professional networks (HR, innovation, strategy, technology, etc.), start-ups, office space designers and property professionals, researchers and academics. 
Revolution@Work is a collaborative online platform and also physical and digital events organised throughout the year with a grand finale at the end of the year at Coeur Défense. 


Created in 2016, Revolution@Work began when Frédéric Bedin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the HOPSCOTCH Group, met Marie-Célie Guillaume, CEO of Defacto, manager of Europe’s leading business district: Paris La Défense. 

Frédéric Bédin wanted to reinforce the existing connection with the start-up ecosystem and innovation and involve HOPSCOTCH in a thought process to reinvent working practices, to which the Group has been committed since 2015. Marie-Célie Guillaume hoped to strengthen Paris La Défense’s positioning as a territory for innovation and revolutionise the traditional image of business districts. 


As working methods and concepts are changing dramatically, organisations, spaces and territories must also mutate into real places for encounters and fulfilment. With Revolution@Work as a showcase, the mission is now to share these innovative practices with the greatest number and draw inspiration from alternative solutions. 

Since then, the ambition of Revolution@Work has been to connect people involved in the challenges of future work practices and develop the efforts and solutions of our partners and experts who rarely interact, with the aim of sharing experiences and demonstrating innovations that soon to be or already implemented. 





The Revolution@Work programme relies on an International Business District Network chaired and run by Paris La Défense. Faced with huge changes in society, business and urban life, business districts must adapt quickly and reinvent themselves. For the first edition, four major business districts actively participated in discussions launched by Revolution@Work: Chicago, Manhattan, Montreal and Tianhe  

Many international representatives were also present at the 2nd edition, on 21st and 22nd November 2017. They offered a different, new and international vision of changes in working methods and spaces and of the solutions we should provide.