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What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small data file stocked on your computer or mobile phone, which opens when you visit a website in your internet browser. Cookies allow websites to “remember” your actions or preferences over a given period.


Most browsers allow Cookies. You can configure your browser to refuse or modify Cookies.


A few Cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser. They are called Session Cookies. Other Cookies stay in the memory of your device until they expire or if you delete them from your cache. They are called permanent Cookies and retain certain information when you go back to the website in question.

A Cookie can temporarily keep anonymous information about you and your website use.

Some Cookies are required to visit a website, others enable the personalisation and optimisation of the displayed content, collect the person’s preferences or track the website’s visitors, website errors and how safe it is to access.

Use of Cookies when you visit our website

On our website, we and our service suppliers use permanent Cookies. When you browse our website, by default you accept that the platform will install cookies in your browser.

If you do not want our website to install Cookies in your browser, you can either deactivate the cookies on the Cookies setting page or change the settings in your browser. In this case, some website pages may not function correctly.

The Cookies we use

On this website, we use cookies to measure our visitor numbers and how visitors use the website, to improve it.

Essential cookies

Required for your website, for example allowing someone to stay logged in to their account. You cannot deactivate essential cookies

Cookie nameCookie description
98dced37c7852a5a828dUsed for general session management
upro-cookie-consentUsed to display the EU cookie law banner
allowTrackingUsed to allow audience analytics
allowYoutubeUsed to allow displaying YouTube videos
allowSocialUsed to allow sharing on social networks

Performance cookies

These cookies indirectly help improve this website by tracking your use. This group of cookies can collect information and present website use statistics without personally identifying the visitors.

Cookie nameCookie description
gaUsed for audience analytics
gatUsed for audience analytics

Video cookies

Cookie name   Cookie description
NIDUsed to display YouTube videos
PREFUsed to display YouTube videos
APISIDUsed to display YouTube videos
GEUPUsed to display YouTube videos
HSIDUsed to display YouTube videos
OGPCUsed to display YouTube videos
SAPISIDUsed to display YouTube videos
SSIDUsed to display YouTube videos
YSCUsed to display YouTube videos

Social cookies

 Cookie nameCookie description
RTUsed to connect with Linkedin
__utmaUsed to connect with Linkedin
__utmbUsed to connect with Linkedin
__utmtUsed to connect with Linkedin
__utmvUsed to connect with Linkedin
__utmzUsed to connect with Linkedin
bcookieUsed to connect with Linkedin
bscookieUsed to connect with Linkedin
leo_auth_tokenUsed to connect with Linkedin
lidcUsed to connect with Linkedin
visitUsed to connect with Linkedin
guest_idUsed to connect with Twitter
datrUsed to connect with Facebook
reg_fb_gateUsed to connect with Facebook
reg_fb_refUsed to connect with Facebook
wdUsed to connect with Facebook

What to do if you don't want to allow Cookies in your browser 

You can block cookies and delete the cookies which are already installed in your browser. Please note that deactivating cookies may prevent you from accessing certain functionalities of our website and other websites.

You can configure your browser to accept or reject all cookies, to be warned when a cookie is sent, to check its validity, its duration, its content and regularly delete cookies.

You can also type “cookies” in the help section of your browser to access the installation instructions.

For more information about how to manage cookies in the browser on your mobile phone, you will need to read your instruction manual.

For more information about cookies, including how they are installed and how you can manage and delete them, visit